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Such cheap prices mean they are using foreign writers who are accessing dissertations on the same topic as yours and trying to re-write them.

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They will claim that they can actually conduct the research that you are supposed to conduct at the local level that your tutor expects you to conduct.

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This part of your dissertation work you have to do. Any writing service that claims you can buy UK dissertation writing that includes original research is lying to you. They will take research that others have done and try to re-write it and pass it off to you.

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We understand this and we have the writers who understand this. When you pay for dissertation writing from us, you will get a personal researcher/writer who will work exclusively with you through the entire process, giving you the advice, the research and the writing you need and order – no more, no less. The Research Question: If you have not yet decided on a research question, your assigned writer can help you formulate a solid question to put into your proposal.

The Proposal: you have to submit a proposal that explains your research question, justifies its important and then explains the original research you intend to conduct to answer that research question.

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The Literature Review: If you are short on time and do not enjoy writing research papers, you can turn this section or chapter over to your writer. S/he, being an expert in the field, will be familiar with the latest research that is related to your question and can produce and academically sound literature review section for you. The Design/Methodology: While your UK Writings expert cannot conduct the actual research for you, s/he can design your methodology and the instruments you will use for either a qualitative or quantitative study.

This will allow you to collect the salient data that relates to your question.

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The Results: Once you have finished your data gathering, you can send it over to your writer who will then write the chapter that presents that data in both graphic and prose formats. The Analysis and Discussion Sections: Depending upon your department requirements, you will have a section or chapter that analyzes the results you got and performs statistical calculations to determine the significance of your findings. This is a tough section, but your field expert can do it for you.

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