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The Value of a Liberal Arts Education Upcoming SlideShare ShareWordPress Shortcode 2,850 viewsDec 3, 2012 Have a passion for history? Love French literature? Intrigued by Psychology? All of these subjects can make great college majors.

College isn't necessarily about preparing you for a single future job. It's about learning how to learn, how to think, how to express yourself articulately, how to be collaborative, and how to succeed under pressure.

Studying something you love or are at least interested in will likely be more valuable long-term than a “practical” degree you don’t engage with.

This short presentation will walk you through the pros of a Liberal Arts education in the 21st Century marketplace and illustrate why an English Degree with Honors is worth more than a C-average Business degree The Value of Liberal Arts A Foundation for Career/Life Path Success. Third Floor. Wertz Student Center. Campus Box 154. 321-4034. [email protected] www.lycoming.edu/careerservices. Career. Services. A Liberal Arts Education is the BEST preparation for a career/life path. Career. Services. Small Print:..

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