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403 shares As a city, London has plenty to offer and that includes universities too.

If you’re looking to study in England’s capital then good news, you’re spoilt for choice.However, when it comes to choosing the best university in the city, two London universities in particular stand out from the crowd Best websites to get a report engineering 5 days Academic High School Vancouver.However, when it comes to choosing the best university in the city, two London universities in particular stand out from the crowd.

addClass("hpu-ad"); if (ad height === 1) jQuery(ad unit).

hide(); , 550); ); ); '); jQuery(ad unit) .hide(); , 550); ); ); '); jQuery(ad unit).addClass("hpu-ad"); if (ad height === 1) jQuery(ad unit) .addClass("hpu-ad"); if (ad height === 1) jQuery(ad unit).hide(); , 550); ); ); Imperial College London are the two highest-ranked London universities in theQS World University Rankings® 2019, beating 19 other universities from the city and ranking in the top 10 in the world, a feat both universities have managed consistently.

This year, Imperial is ranked eighth in the world, two places ahead of UCL, which dropped three spots this year.

But is that enough to mean that Imperial is right for you? Choosing between the top universities in LondonRather than relying on the world ranking alone, it might be more useful to consider how these two universities perform for the subject you wish to study.While UCL operates across the full academic spectrum, Imperial specializes primarily in science, engineering, management and medicine, and also has a leading business school.So, if your area of interest is one of the arts, humanities or social sciences disciplines, you should probably apply to UCL.Alongside world-leading departments of the arts and sciences, UCL also boasts a top-rated architecture school and one of the UK’s best art schools, the Slade School of Art.But, in fact, there are numerous academic areas where University College London and Imperial are both near the top of the tree, so for students in these areas the decision is considerably tougher.We’ll look at these subjects in closer detail in a moment.Before then, to get a fuller idea of whether you’d be best suited to UCL or Imperial, here’s a quick overview of the key similarities and differences, including comparisons of tuition fees, student population, international reputation and more…Of these, 6,000 are international (34%).Tuition fees (2018/19) UK and EU undergraduates: UK£9,250 per year (about US$12,400) International students: £18,820 - 25,960 (~US$25,180 - 34,740) annually for most undergraduate programs Medicine: £33,650 (about US$45,000) per year for international students UK and EU undergraduates: UK£9,250 per year (about US$12,400) International students: £26,000 - 29,000 (~US$34,770 – 38,780) annually for most undergraduate programs Medicine: £40,000 (about US$53,500) per year for international students *Based on the broad subject areas in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018.QS World University Rankings® 2019 As mentioned earlier, Imperial is ranked above UCL in the QS World University Rankings® 2019, ranking eighth to Imperial’s 10 th.

UCL is not to be ignored, however, as it also scores consistently well, ranking firmly within the world’s top 100 in every performance indicator used to compile the rankings, with the exception of citations per faculty member, a measure of research impact, for which it’s ranked 121 st.However, Imperial outranks UCL in all but one of the six performance indicators used.UCL markets itself as London’s global university, and it does indeed have a high proportion of international students, ranking 16 th in the world on this indicator.However, Imperial has an even higher proportion and ranks 13 th on this measure.Despite this advantage in our rankings, both Imperial and UCL should appeal to students keen to join a truly international community of students and academics.In terms of reputation, UCL beats Imperial among academics, while Imperial has a slightly stronger reputation among graduate employers, and also offers a slightly better student/faculty ratio.Subject strengthsLooking firstly at the broad subject areas of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018, Imperial College London achieves the strongest score for a subject area, and is ranked sixth in the world for engineering and technology.Both universities make the global top 15 for medicine and life sciences, and, as you might expect, UCL scores significantly higher than Imperial in arts and humanities (10 th, in contrast to Imperial’s joint 156 th).You can get a closer insight into how UCL and Imperial compare for different disciplines in the table below.

UCL and Imperial in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018LocationUCL and Imperial are both located in the center of London, close to dynamic and culture-rich areas full of museums, galleries, theaters and more.Even so, there are some differences in location that will have an effect on your student experience.While Imperial’s South Kensington location is central relative to the sprawling immensity of the Greater London Area, it is actually a little way to the west of central London proper.Not that this is a bad thing: with Harrods, Hyde Park, and the Science Museum and Natural History Museum for neighbors, Imperial is based in one of London’s most attractive and desirable postcodes.UCL’s Bloomsbury campus is a small enclave of calm amid London’s bustling center.

Roughly equidistant from Soho and King’s Cross, and walking distance from Chinatown and Piccadilly Circus, you couldn’t be much closer to the heart of the city.One of UCL’s main student halls of residence is in nearby Camden Town, which is renowned for its lively social scene, famous market and live music, and UCL’s central campus is next to the British Library, one of the most important and comprehensive research libraries in the world.Meanwhile, Imperial’s main halls of residence are based near to its campus in West London, a well-heeled part of town with a slightly less frenetic atmosphere.So, Imperial’s location may be slightly more appealing to those who fancy some respite from the crowds, especially since it’s just a stone’s throw away from the large green spaces of Hyde Park.London itself was ranked number one in the latest QS Best Student Cities ranking, thanks to its excellent scores in every indicator (apart from affordability!).

Student communityUCL is one of the constituent colleges of the University of London, and one advantage of its Bloomsbury location is that it’s based in the middle of a huge student community.The main campus backs out onto a courtyard shared by SOAS and Birkbeck College, and the adjacent University of London Union is a hub of activity, from societies and student politics to live music and social events.UCL’s total student population of 41,539 students puts it at the larger end of UK universities.When the student populations of the other nearby University of London colleges are factored in, its extended student community ranks among the largest in the world.Imperial is slightly more self-contained, with a total student population less than half the size of UCL’s at around 17,565.

Imperial was previously a member of the University of London (it became formally independent in 2007), and its students are still integrated into the city’s wider student community, but its location and independent status mean it also retains a certain separateness, with a slightly more intimate community feel.Tuition feesThe UK government increased tuition fees for home/EU students commencing their undergraduate studies in autumn 2017, meaning these students will now pay £9,250 per year (about US$12,400).There are, so far, no changes to the amount EU students pay following the UK’s EU referendum.EU students also remain entitled to the same financial aid as home students in the 2018/19 academic year and for the duration of their course, even after the UK officially leaves the EU in March 2019.

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For international students, little has changed – international tuition fees at UK universities were already among the highest in the world.

At undergraduate level, international students at UCL can expect to pay £18,820 to 25,960 for most programs (equaling roughly US$25,180 - 34,740).The major exception is medicine, which costs £33,650 (about US$45,000) per year This site tells you the best times to go to bed if you have to be up at a certain   users to learn languages, scientific principles or even PHP programming. 7.   Groupon offers daily deals on things such as spa days, fancy restaurants and city breaks.   Report. Amit Lattyan C 4 weeks ago. this university is very good for study i  .The major exception is medicine, which costs £33,650 (about US$45,000) per year.

UCL has implemented ‘fixed fees’ for international undergraduates commencing their studies in 2018, meaning your tuition fees will stay the same in each year of your course (this does not apply to those studying medicine, however).Imperial charges international students £26,000 - 29,000 (roughly US$34,770 – 38,780) annually for most of its undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with medicine coming in at £40,000 (about US$53,500) per year 1 Aug 2017 - [Find out how to avoid 10 college application mistakes.] 1. The applicant   Illinois Wesleyan has fewer than 2,000 undergraduate students. 4..Imperial charges international students £26,000 - 29,000 (roughly US$34,770 – 38,780) annually for most of its undergraduate and postgraduate courses, with medicine coming in at £40,000 (about US$53,500) per year.Science and engineering degrees at both universities are often three-year programs with an optional fourth year, leading to MSc or MEng qualifications 1 Aug 2017 - [Find out how to avoid 10 college application mistakes.] 1. The applicant   Illinois Wesleyan has fewer than 2,000 undergraduate students. 4..

Science and engineering degrees at both universities are often three-year programs with an optional fourth year, leading to MSc or MEng qualifications.

Undergraduate-level arts, humanities and social sciences degrees at UCL are nearly always three years in length.Financial aidWhile those overseas tuition fees might make your eyes water, the good news is there are funding opportunities available for both universities.Among the scholarships and bursaries available at UCL are International Outreach Bursaries.These cover fees, maintenance, accommodation and travel and are offered in partnership with United World Colleges and International Student House to help students from colleges within this group to study abroad at UCL.

The university’s website also offers a scholarship finder tool, allowing you to search for scholarships matching your subject and demographics.

Imperial offers one of the most generous bursary schemes in the country for home students – the Imperial Bursary.It also has a scholarship search tool, which provides you with more personalized results the more detail you provide.As well as looking on the official university websites, there are many external scholarships you could consider, including those funded by the UK government.One example is the British Chevening Scholarships, which aim to develop global leaders by providing full or part funding for graduate programs in any subject.You can browse other UK scholarships here.

This article was originally published in December 2013.It is updated after every QS World University Rankings launch, most recently in June 2018.You can read about more of the top universities in London here.Want more content like this?If English is not your first language you may also need to meet our English language requirements.Wherever possible, your grades are considered in the context in which they have been achieved.

 (See further information on how we use contextual data.)Candidates are expected to have Physics and Mathematics to A-level, Advanced Higher, Higher Level in the IB or any other equivalent.Inclusion of Mathematics Mechanics modules is highly recommended.Further Mathematics can be helpful to students in completing this course, although it is not required for admission.Details of the requirements for other qualifications, including the Advanced Diploma in Engineering, can be found on the Engineering Science website.

We expect you to have taken and passed any practical component in your chosen science subjects.For candidates who are predicted A*AA serious consideration will be given to extenuating circumstances, such as disruption to education or bereavement, which have led to under-performance in exams and which are described in their application.Any offer would be conditional on achieving A*A*A.All candidates must also take the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) as part of their application.Please see how to apply for further details.

Oxford University is committed to recruiting the best and brightest students from all backgrounds.We offer a generous package of financial support to Home/EU students from lower-income households.(UK nationals living in the UK are usually Home students.) Fees There are no compulsory costs for this course beyond the fees shown above and your living costs.All candidates must follow the application procedure as shown in applying to Oxford.

The information below gives specific details for students applying for this course.Written test All candidates must take the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT) in their own school or college or other approved test centre on Wednesday 31 October 2018.Candidates must make sure they are available to take the test at this time.Separate registration for this test is required and the final deadline for entries is Monday 15 October 2018.It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that they are registered for this test.

We strongly recommend making the arrangements in plenty of time before the deadline.Updates to PAT: The test consists of maths and physics questions, which are mixed in sequence (there are not separate maths or physics sections).Formula sheets, tables and data books are not permitted.Calculators will be permitted from 2018.

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Guidelines about the use of calculators along with details of the syllabus and links to supporting materials which candidates are encouraged to look at for preparation are available on the Physics website.

Further information about all our written tests can be found on our tests page.Details about the PAT can be found on the Department of Engineering pages and on the PAT website Best websites to get an engineering report online 7 days British PhD Writing from scratch.Details about the PAT can be found on the Department of Engineering pages and on the PAT website.

Written work What are tutors looking for? Enthusiasm for engineering combined with high ability in mathematics and physics is essential for those wishing to study any engineering course.These qualities will be tested at the interview and combined with an assessment of your predicted and attained examination performance (especially in mathematics and physics, and your PAT score) to decide who will be offered places This programme is designed to produce engineering graduates with a   Higher Level 7 required in Mathematics or Physics.   aiming to gain access to undergraduate degree programmes at UCL and other top UK   department website: Engineering (Mechanical with Business Finance) BEng.   Events, open days and visits..These qualities will be tested at the interview and combined with an assessment of your predicted and attained examination performance (especially in mathematics and physics, and your PAT score) to decide who will be offered places.For more detail on the selection criteria for this course, please see the Engineering Science website.

Suggested reading At present we do not produce a reading list for students applying for Engineering Science but we encourage you to read any relevant materials which you find interesting.">Video of Yuan Gao Watch a series of short videos of students talking about some aspect of their time at Oxford.Stephen 'I’m currently designing an offshore device that could convert wave energy in the sea into electricity, to be transmitted back to land.There are five people in my team, working on this for our third year project.I particularly enjoy it because I am putting into practice everything that I have been learning over the last two years.

I was attracted by the academic challenge of studying at one of the top universities in the world, and the Engineering Science course at Oxford really caught my eye because students cover a wide spectrum of engineering before choosing specialised options.I was convinced that the course would provide me with a broad foundation to understand and tackle real-world engineering problems, which cannot be solved solely by one discipline of engineers.My tutorials are mostly arranged with one other student and one college tutor.This has enabled me to discuss engineering problems in depth with tutors who are the top academics in their fields.

I was Secretary of the Engineering Society last year, which was a great experience to see how various types of events are organised behind the scenes.

I am also a member of the Engineering Department’s Joint Consultative Committee, which enables undergraduates to exchange ideas about the development of the department with senior academic staff.It shows how Oxford is committed to continual improvements – and listening to their students!' Jonathan He now works for a defence electronics firm called Thales Group as an acoustic engineer.He says:‘The approaches to problem-solving I learned at Oxford have been directly applicable to the challenges I have faced in my career so far.The tutorial system has given me confidence in my skills, and the ability to communicate my opinions effectively.’ Mark Mark now works as a race strategy modeller at Ferrari.

He says: "My work involves applying mathematical techniques to a variety of engineering problems related to Formula One cars.One recent example has been with race strategy, where we try to choose the optimum times to pit the car throughout a race and the best tyres to put on.I believe the reputation of the Oxford engineering degree was an important factor in securing a job in Formula One." Saraansh First job after graduating Graduate Engineer with Babcock International Group (Marine Division).This was a chance to work on one of the largest ship building projects in the UK - building the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers.

Current job At the moment I am the Head of Development for a large utility company where I'm responsible for strategy development and execution for our business to business, unregulated energy services division.The job is really exciting as it involves a blend of innovation, technology, finance, business development, and business incubation.As my role focuses on delivering new growth areas for our business it means that I'm involved a variety of the exciting changes that are happening in the UK energy industry at the moment.How did Oxford prepare you for this type of work? The engineering degree at oxford gave me a broad grounding in all aspects of the field which certainly helps given the variety of work I'm involved in.It also cultivated a number of transferable skills of which the most relevant are; problem structuring in uncertain conditions and time management.

What was the most important thing your time at Oxford taught you? The social life and various societies that Oxford offered was a great way to build friendships and learn new skills.I think the ability to manage a work-life balance was really important at Oxford and is even more important when working.Contextual information The Key Information Sets provide a lot of numbers about the Oxford experience – but there is so much about what you get here that numbers can’t convey.It’s not just the quantity of the Oxford education that you need to consider, there is also the quality – let us tell you more.Oxford’s tutorial system Regular tutorials, which are the responsibility of the colleges, are the focal point of teaching and learning at Oxford.

The tutorial system is one of the most distinctive features of an Oxford education: it ensures that students work closely with tutors throughout their undergraduate careers, and offers a learning experience which is second to none.A typical tutorial is a one-hour meeting between a tutor and one, two, or three students to discuss reading and written work that the students have prepared in advance.It gives students the chance to interact directly with tutors, to engage with them in debate, to exchange ideas and argue, to ask questions, and of course to learn through the discussion of the prepared work.Many tutors are world-leaders in their fields of research, and Oxford undergraduates frequently learn of new discoveries before they are published.Each student also receives teaching in a variety of other ways, depending on the course.

This will include lectures and classes, and may include laboratory work and fieldwork.But the tutorial is the place where all the elements of the course come together and make sense.Meeting regularly with the same tutor – often weekly throughout the term – ensures a high level of individual attention and enables the process of learning and teaching to take place in the context of a student’s individual needs.The tutorial system also offers the sustained commitment of one or more senior academics – as college tutors – to each student’s progress.

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It helps students to grow in confidence, to develop their skills in analysis and persuasive argument, and to flourish as independent learners and thinkers.

The benefits of the college system Every Oxford student is a member of a college.The college system is at the heart of the Oxford experience, giving students the benefits of belonging to both a large and internationally renowned university and a much smaller, interdisciplinary, college community 11 Sep 2013 - Here are some of the highlights. [Get additional tips and advice on applying to college.] Robert Barkley, Director of undergraduate admissions,  .The college system is at the heart of the Oxford experience, giving students the benefits of belonging to both a large and internationally renowned university and a much smaller, interdisciplinary, college community.

Each college brings together academics, undergraduate and postgraduate students, and college staff.The college gives its members the chance to be part of a close and friendly community made up of both leading academics and students from different subjects, year groups, cultures and countries Undergraduate   The Department of Engineering Science at Oxford has a top-level quality   However, as you may expect, most go on to work in the engineering and   about current options is available on the Engineering Science website.   Final University examinations, Part C: Six written papers; Project report  .The college gives its members the chance to be part of a close and friendly community made up of both leading academics and students from different subjects, year groups, cultures and countries.The relatively small size of each college means that it is easy to make friends and contribute to college life.

There is a sense of belonging, which can be harder to achieve in a larger setting, and a supportive environment for study and all sorts of other activities best websites to purchase a custom software engineering term paper British 121 pages / 33275 words ASA.There is a sense of belonging, which can be harder to achieve in a larger setting, and a supportive environment for study and all sorts of other activities.Colleges organise tutorial teaching for their undergraduates, and one or more college tutors will oversee and guide each student’s progress throughout his or her career at Oxford.The college system fosters a sense of community between tutors and students, and among students themselves, allowing for close and supportive personal attention to each student’s academic development.It is the norm that undergraduates live in college accommodation in their first year, and in many cases they will continue to be accommodated by their college for the majority or the entire duration of their course.Colleges invest heavily in providing an extensive range of services for their students, and as well as accommodation colleges provide food, library and IT resources, sports facilities and clubs, drama and music, social spaces and societies, access to travel or project grants, and extensive welfare support.

For students the college often becomes the hub of their social, sporting and cultural life.The 20 Best Tourism Degree Programs “ By some measures, tourism may already be the world’s largest industry, with annual revenue approaching $500 billion.” ( ) An online Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management or a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism provides a major step in getting a foot in the door to this massively growing industry and once inside, people have extensive career options.A hospitality management degree online program provides students the business skills and cultural education necessary to run travel agencies, organize cultural attractions, operate a food service business, plan meetings as well as large conventions and events, facilitate operations at hotels, theme parks, casinos and resorts, promote tourism, and arrange individual, group, or corporate trips and tours around the world.A hospitality management online degree allows students to work in sectors such as food service operations, visitor bureaus and conventions, recreational business, tourism development agencies, hotels, resorts, theme parks, international travel and tourism agencies, airlines, and casinos.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a 44% employment growth for hotel meeting planners from 2010 to 2020.Hospitality management online degree programs vary widely across the universities and colleges.Tourism and hospitality degree programs offer bachelor and master degrees in many different concentrations and specializations, such as tourism, hospitality, travel, recreation, and event/meeting management.Programs in the field offer courses such as tourism and hospitality marketing, food service management, brand management, travel law, international travel, hospitality and tourism management, sustainability in hospitality and tourism, operational management, corporate finance, and economics of travel and tourism.

To earn a tourism degree students usually take required general business courses and decide on a program track in areas such as hospitality management, tourism management, or a related field.

In most tourism degree programs students take all required courses as well as electives, complete an internship, and finalize their studies with a comprehensive capstone course which includes a practicum and/or research paper.The 20 Best Tourism Degree Programs Ranking Guidelines We selected the tourism and travel management degree programs based on the quality of the program, the types of courses offered, the faculty, rankings, awards, and reputation.The schools are listed in alphabetical order.The list includes mainly bachelor degree programs and a few master degree programs.Undergrad, grad, or both offered Region City Get the best rankings here AND get them to suit your personal needs.

That’s advantage! If you have any questions about our ranking methodology, please contact us.Citations: For a broader account of our ranking methodology, especially as it relates to ’s underlying educational philosophy and, in other ranking articles, looks beyond academic excellence (as here) to such factors as return on investment or incidental benefit, see our article “Ranking Methodology: How We Rank Schools at TBS.” Reputation of schools and degree programs can at least in part be gauged through the rankings of other well-known educational ranking companies.At , we keep track of such social and peer validation: “Making Sense of College Rankings.” For nuts-and-bolts information about colleges and universities, we look to the National Center for Education Statistics and especially its College Navigator.

Insofar as salary and inflation data are relevant to a ranking, we look to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Finally, nothing beats contacting schools and degree programs directly, which our researchers often do, with the result that all the entries in this article should be considered as belonging to this citation!? * * * Arizona State University, W.Carey School of Business (Phoenix, AZ) Founded in 1885, Arizona State University (ASU), a space-grant research university, awards both undergraduate and graduate degrees from 16 colleges peppered across four campuses.The Higher Learning Commission has provided accreditation to all campuses.

Carey School of Business’s Bachelor in Tourism Development and Management degree program provides students with the marketing techniques and solid business foundations necessary for success in the tourism industry and related professions.The Tourism Development and Management bachelor’s degree program includes core courses in areas such as tourism planning, convention sales and management, tourism and recreation policy, tourism marketing, and community development.To complete the program students must take an honor’s thesis course and finish one–12 credits of an internship working in the tourism field.

Upon graduation, students can seek employment in resorts, commercial recreation businesses, tourism development companies, and travel bureaus.Carey School of Business is ranked #30 overall, and #70 for its undergraduate program, by U.In addition, the magazine ranked ASU #139 out of 280 “national universities” (2013).The university was alsoranked in the top 10 for “Up and Coming” universities in the U.by Forbes magazine for the fourth year in a row.

Moreover, Forbes named ASU as one of “America’s Best College Buys.” Finally, ASU ranks #5 among public universities in National Science Foundation grants for graduate study, and #11 among all universities, in 2012.

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Brigham Young University Hawaii (Laie, HI) Founded in 1955, Brigham Young University (BYU) Hawaii—located in the northern part of the island of Oahu—offers programs in areas of liberal arts, management, and mathematics.The university’s main focus is on undergraduate education.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns and operates the university Avoid These Big College Application Mistakes Best Colleges US nbsp.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints owns and operates the university.

The BYU Hawaii Bachelor’s in Science (B.) in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree prepares students for one of the world’s largest industries.Students learn fundamental business principles to understand and execute the challenging demands of the tourism industry and to produce a high level of quality in a hospitality setting.Graduates can apply for positions in settings such as hotels, resorts, food service operations, visitor bureaus and conventions, recreational business, and tourism development agencies.

To earn the hospitality and tourism management bachelor degree, students must take a departmental mini-course and then decide on a program track in either hospitality or tourism management.Courses within these tracks include topics in marketing and entrepreneurship, human resources management, marketing communications, operations management, and corporate finance.All students must complete an internship or other practicum of one–12 credit hours and a capstone course.Brigham Young University Hawaii was ranked #17 in the 2013 edition of Best Colleges in Regional Colleges (West) and was listed as the #1 “best value” in the region in 2006.Drexel University, Goodwin College School of Technology and Professional Studies (Philadelphia, PA) Drexel University (DU), a private accredited university located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers over 70 full-time undergraduate programs and accelerated degrees, as well as over 100 masters, doctoral, and professional programs.

The Goodwin College School of Technology and Professional Studies’s Bachelor in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Travel and Tourism offers students courses on the international and tourism business end of hospitality to prepare them for careers in management in the U.The program offers training in four key areas: customer service, innovative management, technology, and international operations.

To graduate, students must take the required hospitality foundation courses in areas such as hospitality law, commercial food production, and food safety, as well as select a major and the additional concentration courses of study, business minors, and other electives for a total of 182 credits.

The travel and tourism major focuses on tourism economics, convention management, cultural and heritage tourism, and current issues in travel and tourism.It also includes a guest lecture series.The Times Higher Education World University Rankings placed Drexel University 190th in the World and 76th in North America.News & World Report ranked Drexel #83 among all universities of the United States (2012) and third on the 2012 U.News & World Report “Best Colleges: Up-and-coming National Universities” list.Princeton Review named Drexel University #6 on their list of “2010 Top Entrepreneurial Programs: Undergraduate.” Drexel University is well known for its cooperative education program, which is currently ranked as one of the best in the United States.

Florida International University, Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management (University Park, FL) Founded in 1965, Florida International University (FIU) is an accredited, top-tier research institution regarded as a high research activity school by the Carnegie Foundation.FIU awards over 3,400 undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees annually.The FIU Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management’s Bachelor of Science (B.) in Travel and Tourism Management degree program includes a comprehensive set of core educational courses and hands-on practical experiences, which provide a solid foundation in business management, accounting, operations, and more, preparing future leaders to begin a career in the tourism industry.

To graduate form the BS in Travel and Tourism Management program, students must complete the required tourism concentration courses, including topics such as international travel and tourism, sustainable tourism practices, and destination marketing, as well as complete an advanced internship program and a senior seminar in hospitality management.News & World Report ranked FIU as one of “America’s Best Colleges” overall (2010) , the Landon Undergraduate School’s undergraduate international business program as #10 in the nation (2013), and the Chapman Graduate School of Business as #11.Bloomberg Business Week ranked the Landon Undergraduate School #8 in international business and Forbes included FIU in its “America’s Top Colleges List” in 2013.

George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) George Mason University (GMU), founded in 1957, is named after the American revolutionary father George Mason.GMU is known for its economic, business, law, and creative writing programs; faculty members have won two Nobel Prizes in Economics.The school enrolls over 32,500 students, making it the largest university in Virginia with respect to student population.The Tourism and Events Management undergraduate program provides students with skills and knowledge in all areas of tourism and hospitality, including programming, marketing, finance, administration, policy, and planning.The Tourism and Events Management (TEM) bachelor’s degree curriculum consists of general courses, professional sequence courses, and tourism management concentration courses, altogether totaling 120 credits.

The Bachelor Degree in Tourism provides concentration courses such as: Women and tourism Internship and practicum field experiences are also a part of the TEM program.The Tourism and Events Management program prepares students to work in many areas of tourism and hospitality including wedding planning, tour operations, visitor services, cruise ships, entertainment venues, cultural attractions, eco-tourism, operations, and consulting.News & World Report ranked GMU Tier 1 among National University rankings (2011) and #1 in the Up-and-Coming National University category (2012).

George Mason University was also ranked #70 in the top public schools list by U.Its graduate programs were ranked #24 by Public Policy Analysis (2012) and Princeton Review ranked GMU #4 in the most diverse university in the nation list.Founded in 1821, George Washington University (GWU), the largest accredited institution of higher education in the District of Columbia, offers 20,000 students a vast range of disciplines from forensic science and medicine to international affairs and public policy.

The GWU School of Business offers the Master of Tourism Administration (MTA) program.The MTA program prepares students for international management positions in hospitality, sport management, event and meeting management, and tourism.Through field-based and classroom education in the foundations of tourism, students are prepared to work in management jobs in commercial, public, or non-profit industries offering services at the local or international level.The Master of Tourism Administration program consists of 36 credit hours comprised of core courses, electives, and a capstone course (including a practicum and thesis).Students typically complete the degree program within one to two years.

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The Master’s of Tourism Administration degree program core courses include subjects such as: Sports marketing GWU’s graduate programs was ranked #41 for Global MBA Programs by theEconomist, and #50 in the best national university category (2012) and #7 on the International Businesses Rankings list by U.George Washington University was also ranked #54 in the Best Business Schools in the United States category in 2012 by Bloomberg Businessweek and #76 among private colleges and in research universities by Forbes.Founded in 1820, Indiana University is a public research university whose flagship campus is located in Bloomington Help me do a report engineering Standard Formatting US Letter Size American.

Founded in 1820, Indiana University is a public research university whose flagship campus is located in Bloomington.

Indiana University has more than 40,000 students.The university has numerous schools, including the Jacobs School of Music, the School of Public Health, the School of Informatics and Computing, the School of Education, the Kelley School of Business, and the Optometry School.The Bachelor in Recreation Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management program at IU prepares students in several sectors of the tourism and hospitality industry, including transportation, marketing, management, and food and lodging.Students in the program primarily focus on the administration, budgeting, and marketing side of tourist facilities and destinations, which include resorts, convention centers, hotels, theme parks, visitor centers, cruises, government tourism, and airlines.

Completing the Bachelor in Recreation Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management program requires general education requirements plus 124 credit hours in the major and concentration courses.

Some of the specialization courses include legal aspects of recreation, green operations in hospitality management, event management, program development, and strategic planning. Internship placement and study abroad programs provide students special opportunities to expand their understanding of foreign tourism and travel.News & World Report has ranked IU #83 on its National Universities list and # 22 in its Best Business Schools category.

Indiana University Bloomington was ranked #58 among all research universities by Forbes.Johnson & Wales University (Providence, RI) Established in 1914, Johnson & Wales University (JWU) is a private, NEASC-accredited institution serving nearly 11,000 students from 70 countries.JWU has five campuses and offers over 40 undergraduate and graduate programs in areas ranging from culinary arts and hospitality to business and education.The Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Management Bachelor of Science (B.) program at JWU prepares students to work in all facets of tourism, from managing high-end resorts to negotiating tours packages all over the world.Students learn strategic tourism and hospitality management skills, as well as ethical standards.After graduation students work in settings such as cruise ships, tourism offices, airlines, resorts, and other tourism operations.Students in the internship program gain experience related to their field of study.The school provides international internships and six study abroad programs.

Also, faculty members serve as personal career mentors.Students have interned for notable companies such as: Royal Caribbean Food & Beverage in the Travel & Tourism Industry The bachelor’s degree in travel, tourism, and hospitality management also includes a Familiarization Tour, a group project where teams research, schedule, and implement a tour to an exciting destination, either in the U.JWU is considered the largest food service educator in the world and was ranked #98 in Best Regional (North) University by U.

Forbes also ranked Johnson & Wales University’s Providence Campus among the top undergraduate institutions in the nation.New York University (New York, NY) New York University (NYU), founded in 1831 and one of the nation’s largest private educational institutions, is known for some of its more famous graduates, such as 36 Nobel Prize–winners, 16 Pulitzer Prize–winners, and 30 Academy Award–winners.NYU has 18 schools, colleges, and institutes with Art and Science the largest academic section of the university.

in Hotel and Tourism Management from the Jonathan M.Tisch Center for Hospitality, Tourism, and Sports Management.The undergraduate degree prepares students for management positions in some of the world’s fastest-growing hotel, conference, and tourism sectors.

The tourism degree program provides the skills to lead ecotourism initiatives, manage tourism bureaus, and operate catering businesses and special events.Students select a concentration which suits their field of interest.The Hotel and Tourism degree program consists of general courses, electives, and specific concentrations (15-credits each) in event management, hotel development, marketing and revenue management, organizations and operations, and tourism development.in Hotel and Tourism Management degree include subjects such as: Entrepreneurship Casino operations The Bachelor in Hotel and Tourism Management degree program requires students to complete 600 intern hours at two to four organizations.NYU’s Stern School of Business’s undergraduate program was ranked #5 by U.News & World Report and #12 by Business Week.The Stern’s Executive MBA program was ranked #6 by U.

Those seeking to go beyond an undergraduate degree can pursue NYU’s M.in Tourism Management, a master’s degree program that gives student an in-depth understanding of their field.

Purdue University, founded in 1869, is the flagship university of a six-campus accredited college system.Well known for its engineering program and world-class research, Purdue offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in 211 areas of study.The university has the fourth-largest international student population of any college in the U.) in Tourism and Hospitality Management degree program offers a well-rounded, hands-on learning experience which prepares students to work in any facet of the tourism and hospitality industry, including lodging, food service, and tourism.Upon completion of the degree, students can enter work settings such as cruise lines, conventions centers, casinos, theme parks, and state tourism.The Bachelor in Tourism and Management degree program includes general and major courses of study, internships, and a capstone course which total 120 credit hours.The paid internship program requires 400+ hours of field experience.

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The Hospitality Management degree online program includes core courses such as: Financial accounting for service industries Lodging management U.News & World Report and #38 in the Midwest by Forbes.The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), founded in 1829, is a private, accredited university in the Rochester, New York, metropolitan area Visit our Open Days Coventry University.The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), founded in 1829, is a private, accredited university in the Rochester, New York, metropolitan area.

RIT, comprised of nine colleges, is widely known for its fine arts, engineering, and imaging science programs.

) in Hospitality and Tourism Management program focuses primarily on branding, economic management, hospitality business planning, and development of quality processes Showing sample results for “Business,” start a new search above.    Most Innovative Schools  in the nation, U.S. News & World Report's Best   A row of Stevens Institute of Technology undergraduate students seated during the   Stevens Senior Will Pursue Master's in Innovation Design Engineering at the   Go Ducks!.) in Hospitality and Tourism Management program focuses primarily on branding, economic management, hospitality business planning, and development of quality processes.The Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management program provides students the advanced skills they need to deliver excellence in leadership within many corporate settings, government policy positions, and tourism agencies, as well as postsecondary academic institutions.The Hospitality and Tourism Management Master degree covers a range of courses, such as strategic organizational change, financial and service performance metrics, development and marketing of resorts and hotels, and brand management.

To graduate from the Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management program, students must complete undergraduate work, 30 credit hours worth of core program courses, and a graduate project or exam.Several of the school’s fine arts programs continually rank in the “Top 10” according to the U.News ranks RIT #30 among Best Engineering Colleges by Salary Potential in the U.Princeton Review ranks RIT’s video game design program as one of the top 10 programs in the country.Established in 1889, Saint Leo University is an accredited, private, Roman Catholic liberal arts university named after Pope Leo the Great.

The university now manages 17 continuing education centers in seven states and offers over 40 undergraduate and graduate degrees.) in International Tourism and Hospitality Management program includes a heavy emphasis on international studies.The program prepares students for an extensive range of positions in the hospitality and tourism industry, such as: Restaurant management Tourism management The B.

in International Tourism and Hospitality Management degree includes general liberal arts courses, combined with specialization courses and electives which total 120 credits.Some of the course topics include introduction to hospitality management, meetings and event management, lodging operations, and guest services management.News & World Report as one of the “Top Universities in the South.” Temple University, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Philadelphia, PA) Temple University, an accredited, public university, ranks among the nation’s largest professional education institutions offering over 300 academic degree programs at seven campuses and sites in Pennsylvania and around the world.Temple’s Fox School of Business is one of the largest business schools in the region and the country.The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management’s Bachelor of Science (BS) in Tourism and Hospitality Management program prepares students for entry- and mid-level occupations in hospitality and tourism management.Students are prepared to work in convention and visitors’ bureaus, conference centers, resorts, casinos, hotels, theme parks, and theaters.

in Tourism and Hospitality Management, students must complete three courses within their major concentration area, a capstone course, and an internship in a position closely related to their chosen major.The Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality Management degree program offers classes such as: The Business of Tourism and Hospitality Global Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Management Managing Organizations in Tourism and Hospitality Financial Issues in Tourism ands Hospitality Legal Issues in Tourism and Hospitality Hospitality Management Systems Temple University was ranked #60 on the top public schools list, #9 among undergraduate international business programs, and #58 on the best graduate business schools list, by U. Temple’s Fox School of Business undergraduate program was ranked #56 in the nation by U.News, while Fortune magazine named Temple in their “America’s Best Colleges for Entrepreneurs: 25 top programs for undergrads.

” According to Princeton Review, Temple is considered one of the “Best Northeastern Colleges” and has the #35 best entrepreneurial undergraduate programs in the nation.

Texas A&M University (College Station, TX) Texas A&M University, a public, accredited research university founded in 1876 and located in College Station, Texas, has one of the largest campuses in the U.The campus includes the George Bush Presidential Library.Texas A&M University is known for its contributions to such fields as animal cloning and petroleum engineering.

) with a major in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences (RPTS) curriculum includes an initial two years of building a foundation in the arts and sciences, as well as the history of recreation, tourism, and park sciences.The last two years focus on preparing students with the necessary skills and training for entry-level and professional positions within the field.Students within the RPTS program take general courses and electives, as well as concentration courses.

) with a major in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences provides courses including management development, planning, financing and fundraising, marketing, and social and behavioral sciences.Upon completion of the RPTS program, graduates may enter fields such as private sector enterprises, government agencies, non-profit organizations, youth camps, program planning and evaluation, and environmental education programs.Texas A&M was ranked #23 on the top public schools list by U.

The National Science Foundation recognized Texas A&M as one of 20 premiere research institutions.University of Central Florida (Orlando, FL) Founded in 1963, the University of Central Florida (UCF), an accredited public research institution, is the second-largest university in the nation by enrollment.In addition, the University of Central Florida, well known as a space-grant school, has made several important contributions in optics, modeling and simulation, digital media, and engineering research.

) in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree provides professionals with an interactive learning environment to build upon their existing strengths, as well as broaden their industry knowledge for future growth.The Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management program consists of electives and a minimum of 36 credit hours for students who choose the thesis option, and 39 credit hours for students who choose the non-thesis option. Students choosing a non-thesis option need to complete capstone course which includes a project and paper.

The Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management program includes core courses with subjects such as: Lodging management Financial analysis of hospitality enterprises Research methods U.News & World Report ranked UCF as the fifth-best “Up-and-Coming” national university (2013), #97 among public universities, and #174 overall on the list of Tier I National Universities.Kiplinger rated UCF #42 among the “Best Values in Public Colleges” in the United States (2013), and Princeton Review and U.

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News & World Report both ranked UCF as one of “50 Best Value Public Universities.” In addition, UCF is also listed among “The Best 376 Colleges” and the “Best Southeastern Colleges” byPrinceton Review.University of Hawaii (Honolulu, HI) The University of Hawaii, established in 1907, is an accredited, public, research university system Who can help me write an report engineering confidentiality American Academic single spaced 109 pages / 29975 words.University of Hawaii (Honolulu, HI) The University of Hawaii, established in 1907, is an accredited, public, research university system.

The system’s flagship campus, located in the Manoa neighborhood of Honolulu, consists of four Arts and Sciences colleges.University of Hawaii Manoa is known for its marine biology, oceanography, underwater robotic technology, and astronomy programs.

The Bachelors in Tourism Industry Management program focuses on strategic issues and applications of theory related to transportation systems and tourism destination management.Undergraduates may take a combined course load of tourism and transportation courses or choose classes which focus on one area.The tourism and transportation core courses focus on various subjects such as: Travel and transportation distribution systems Tour operations International air and marine transportation To complete the program students must take a capstone course on advances in tourism and transportation policy and finish an internship which encompasses 800 hours of work experience.University of Hawaii Manoa was ranked #83 on the Top Public Schools list by U.University of Massachusetts (Amherst, MA) The University of Massachusetts (UMass), founded in 1863 as a public land-grant university system, is the largest public university in New England with more than 27,000 students.Its flagship campus is located in Amherst.The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching reports the University of Massachusetts Amherst has very high research activity.The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) at Umass Amherst, regarded as one of the top hospitality programs in the world, is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Programs in Hospitality Administration.

The Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management program with a concentration in tourism, convention, and management at the UMass Amherst Isenberg School of Management provides a challenging combination of hospitality and business curriculum and a choice of concentration within a specific field such as Tourism/Convention/Event Management.The concentration covers the economic, social, and commercial philosophies of tourism and travel, and includes all aspects of hospitality.To graduate with this degree, students must satisfy several requirements, including completing 120 credits in all general and concentration courses, apprenticeship with professionals in the hospitality field, and a study program.Some of the major courses include hospitality research methods, hospitality real estate, labor resources, and resort management.

News & World Report ranked UMass Amherst #94 for America’s Best Colleges on their list of “Best National Universities,” and #42 among public universities.The same magazine also ranked UMass Amherst among the Top 10 Great College Towns in America in 2012.University of New Hampshire (Durham, NH) The University of New Hampshire (UNH), an accredited university with over 15,000 students, is the largest university in the state.UNH has seven colleges and a graduate school and offers more than 2,000 courses in over 100 majors.

) in Tourism Planning and Development program combines a liberal education with a professional curriculum to create a broad understanding of subjects in tourism, as well as global and social development.All students must complete a core curriculum and select from one of two focus areas: international tourism development or regional tourism planning.In addition, seniors must complete a Capstone project either by taking a course, creating a project, or working in a professional internship which involves a 14–16 hour work week.

The Bachelors in Tourism Planning and Development program includes core courses such as: Community planning Tourism and global understanding UNH is the only public institution in New England to place in the top 10 for number of Fulbright fellowships awarded.The university was ranked #10 in Best Entrepreneurial College in the nation by Princeton Review, while University of North Texas, College of Merchandising, Hospitality, & Tourism (Denton, TX) The University of North Texas (UNT), founded in 1890 and formerly known as North Texas State University, is an accredited, public research university with an enrollment of more than 35, 778 students, making it the fourth largest university in the state of Texas.The College of Merchandising, Hospitality, & Tourism Master of Science (M.) in International Sustainable Tourism (MIST) degree program, a joint program between UNT and CATIE (The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center in Turrialba, Costa Rica), is the first of its kind in the nation.

Students complete the first two semesters at the University of North Texas and the last three semesters at CATIE.The coursework prepares students for management positions in the international sustainable tourism industry and provides knowledge of policy aspects in operational and hospitality management.To complete the Master in International Sustainable Tourism program, students must earn a minimum of 36 credit hours, take a capstone course with professional field experience, and complete all concentration courses in subjects including tourism services management and marketing, planning and policy in sustainable tourism, environmental impact assessment, natural resource management, and sustainable tourism.News & World Report ranked UNT #20 in the “Best Online Education Programs” among the Best Online Graduate Business Programs in the nation.University of Southern Maine (Portland, ME) The University of Southern Maine (USM), founded in 1878, is an accredited, public, comprehensive university with about 7,500 undergraduate students and 2,320 graduate and law school students.The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business has provided accreditation to the USM School of Business.) in Tourism and Hospitality degree provides an educational base in areas such as social and natural sciences, recreation, business, and planning to provide a comprehensive understanding of tourism as a world-wide industry and source of economic and social change.Undergraduates can select from several concentrations within the degree including: Tourism Products and Promotion Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Cultural, Arts and Heritage Tourism In addition to these concentrations, students take electives drawn from a number of disciplines, as well as a capstone project or an internship which allows them to apply their education in a real-world situation.Students are also required to demonstrate intercultural skills through completing a cultural project or taking a language other than English.Some of the required concentration courses include global issues in travel and tourism, product development, tourism and hospitality management, nature-based tourism, and research in tourism and hospitality.According to Princeton Review, the university is among the “Best Northeastern Colleges,” and is cited among “America’s Best Value Colleges.

” The University of Southern Maine was ranked #41 on the top public schools list by U.